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Best Self-Care Gift Baskets for Women in 2020 – Don’t Miss Out on These Jaw-Dropping Holiday Deals!

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Do you want to grab the best cheap self-care gift ideas without breaking your bank? In this blog post, you’ll find the trendiest self-care gift baskets for women in 2020. 

Buying a unique & meaningful gift for that special her can be SO daunting! I get it. 

Whether you want to come up with holiday gift ideas for your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, coworker, best friend, or your favorite niece… the pressure is unreal!

So here’s a tip for you.

If I’m ever at crossroads and unable to decide, I usually go for self-care gift sets. They contain more products at a bargain price AND last longer than a teensy individual gift.

Let’s be honest, we all prefer gifts that last for at least a month.

This year has been a super tough year for everyone. Naturally, a self-care gift basket will make the perfect thoughtful surprise to make your girl feel special, loved, and cared for. 🙂

Amazon Holiday Deals is the perfect moment to snag jaw-dropping discounts on self-care gift kits offering the best bang for your buck. 

Without waiting further, let’s dive right to it. 

Best self-care gift baskets for her trending in 2020 - Amazing Holiday Deals

1. Lovestee Lavender Self-Care Gift Basket

I’m putting this right on top because it’s one of my favorite wellness gift boxes!

The Lovestee self-care gift basket contains a plethora of thoughtful lavender-theme bathtime essentials to destress and relax after a long tiring day.

You might already know that lavender essential oil is one of the best anti-stress products. 

During a particular phase, I was having trouble falling asleep at night. Whenever I massaged my feet soles with lavender lotion before hitting the pillow, I’d start snoozing right away.

So yeah, it works!

This adorable and affordable gift basket includes:

  • Shower gel
  • Hand lotion
  • Body lotion
  • Flower-shape puff and sponge
  • Bath salt

In short, if your lady love has a knack for aromatherapy bath time or is really into body & bath items, this is the perfect self-care gift basket for her.

Buy the Lovestee Lavender Theme Self-Care Basket

2. Yinuou 4 Scented Candles Set for Self-Care Aromatherapy

Do you want to show your mom or granny how much you appreciate or love them without spending like 90 bucks? Then this is the perfect self-care gift set on Amazon holiday deals!

Mothers & grandmothers spend a big part of their life caring for us. This incredible scented candles set is a great way to acknowledge their efforts and offer them an amazing stress-relief gift.

Yinuou Scented Candles Set includes 4 unique portable fragrances, made of 100% eco-friendly soy wax for your mom’s next self-care sesh.

  • Lavender: Popular anti-stress fragrance with relaxing effect 
  • Gardenia: Mildly sedative and an ideal aroma for evening ambiance 
  • Jasmine: Instantly improves mood & boosts happiness
  • Vanilla: A fulfilling scent that curbs hunger pangs & a great choice for weight loss

So if your special lady is going through a tough time at work, send her this self-care gift basket so she can enjoy a stress-free holiday in 2020!

Buy the Yinuou Scented Candles Gift Basket

Top trending holiday self-care gift baskets for women that you can’t miss out on! 💆🎁

3. Lily Self-Care Gift Basket by Body & Earth

You know those women who work tirelessly day in and night out and hardly ever take a breather? I mean, you have to beg them to catch a break…?

This charismatic lily-theme self-care gift basket will be an incredible thoughtful holiday present for that special woman in your life. 

Lily aromatherapy rituals are known to boost positivity and kill stress within minutes. Besides, each product is created using nourishing natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and sunflower oil. 

Here’s what’s included in this cheap self-care gift basket by Body & Earth:

  • Potpourri
  • Bath salt
  • Body scrub
  • Body mist
  • Body lotion
  • Shower gel
  • Soap
  • Bubble bath
  • Sponge

So if you know a woman going through a typically rough time, this 10-piece self-care basket for her will be a mental health booster.

Buy the Lily Essentials Self-Care Basket

4. Cherry Blossom Self-Care Gift Baskets For Her

Another best-selling self-care gift basket for women is the Cherry Blossom Body & Earth Bath Set. 

Cherry blossom is a sweet fragrant flower known for its incredibly soothing and relaxing health benefits in aromatherapy. Combine it with bath time essentials and you’ve got yourself a nice little self-care treat right at home!

The primary ingredient is cherry blossom with hints of jasmine to get maximum anti-stress benefits. The nourishing vitamins and the exotic fragrance together offer a rejuvenating experience, both physically and mentally. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Bath lotion
  • Bath salt
  • Bubble bath
  • Shower gel
  • Soap

The moment your girl sees this cute self-care gift basket set, I guarantee it’ll set her in a good mood.

Buy the Cherry Blossom Theme Self-Care Basket

5. Art Naturals 16 Essential Oil Kit + Limited Time Promo Code

Okay, technically it isn’t a gift basket but still a wonderful self-care gift box for women. 

Whether you’re looking for holiday women’s gift deals for your girlfriend, aunt, mom, coworker, or even your best friend, this essential oil gift set will be the highlight!

So what do I love about this gift box?

For starters, you’re getting a lot of variety at an affordable price. 16 unique scents, to be precise. Each essential oil is created using natural ingredients that can either be added to a mist or applied to the skin when mixed with a carrier oil.

Also, every essential oil in this self-care gift kit offers a different benefit for your mental health. 

And here’s the IMPORTANT thing….

If you buy through my link, for a limited time you can avail 10% discount on this essential oils set! Use the promo-code TOP16 at checkout.

Now let’s go over a few products included in this gift box:

  • Grapefruit oil: Used for detox
  • Rosemary oil: Increases focus & productivity
  • Tea tree oil: Perfect for mental wellness
  • Lime oil: For a refreshing ambiance 
  • Lavender: Ensures relaxation & calmness
  • Patchouli: Best for balancing your moods

If you know someone special who deserves a relaxing break now and then, this essential oil kit by Art Naturals will be the perfect thoughtful self-care box for her.

Hurry up though, the promo code is expiring soon!

Buy the Art Naturals 16-Essential Oils Kit

6. Scented Candles Self-care Gift Baskets

I’m absolutely in love with this incredible set of scented candles by Yming! The best part is that it costs less than $20 and you’re getting loads at a bargain price.

These scented candles are made of soy wax and are completely safe to burn in an enclosed space, especially with kids. Also, these products will burn for 8 hours or more, so you can even light ‘em up before going to bed and enjoy a relaxing night’s rest.

If your girl is into meditation or yoga rituals, these lit aromatic candles will create a peaceful blissful ambiance and give off relaxing vibes.

These are the 8 scented candles included in this kit:

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Vanilla
  • Rose
  • Green Zen
  • Strawberry
  • Spring 
  • Lemon

I prefer lemon scent while working as it boosts productivity and concentration. While for sleep time, the best scented candle is lavender. 

In short, this self-care gift set is a thoughtful anti-stress present to help your friend, mom, or wife enjoy a relaxing at-home vacay every week.

Buy Yming Set of 8 Scented Candles Gift Box

7. Milky Chic Self-Care Basket for Busy Women

Another highly underrated and customized self-care gift basket for women! 

This self-care gift set contains adorable trinkets that make it a tasteful, outstanding, and cute present for the most special women in your life who deserve a breather from daily stress. 

And here’s the best part — grab it right now to use their promo code & enjoy 5% off!

The eye-catching basket includes:

  • A pair of precious comfy socks
  • Make-up bag made of cotton
  • Donut bath bomb
  • Satin sleep mask
  • Sugar scrub
  • Water-resistant notebook
  • Bath salt
  • Lip balm

Be honest — you want one now, don’t you?

Hurry up and make the most of this incredible holiday deal on Amazon and send this self-care gift basket to your wife, sis, mom, or even your favorite niece.

Buy Milky Chic Self-Care Gift Set for Busy Girls

So there you have it!

These amazing self-care gift baskets are the perfect way to impress the special women in your life and help them enjoy a relaxing holiday in 2020.

Most of these trending self-care gift sets are in high demand on Amazon Holiday Deals. Hurry up and grab your favorites before they are gone!


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