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Top 10 High-Quality Affordable Bootcut Yoga Pants for Women That Won’t Tear Up During Your Daily Fitness/Yoga Routine

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Wearing comfortable yoga clothes is not only a necessity for your body but also boosts your confidence. With the ever-changing fashion, you should know which are the most affordable bootcut yoga pants for women on Amazon right now that are worth your money.

I’ve personally found that buying a new yoga outfit increases my commitment to yoga routine by 100x.

You agree with me, right?

Makes a ton of difference!

Also, whether I go out for a morning daily yoga routine or do it at home, wearing a comfy yet cute pair of yoga pants lets me focus on the workout instead of worrying about how I look or embarrassing camel toe scenarios. 

So if you’re searching for new trendy budget yoga clothes, then check out this selection of the best cheap bootcut yoga pants for women under $30. Each of these products is worth your bucks and lasts for years!

Best Brands to Buy Affordable Bootcut Yoga Pants on Amazon

Top affordable yoga pants for women on Amazon - Women Health Hub

Do yoga outfit brands matter to you? I know many women who prefer learning about the manufacturer first before they buy a new pair of yoga pants.

And that makes complete sense. 

To help out with your research, I’ve made a list of the top companies that produce high-quality yoga pants for women. A variety of fitness outfits by these brands are available on Amazon as well.

  • Zeronic: This brand has been crafting remarkable yoga clothes including pants, bras, and leggings for a decade. All their products are designed to suit a variety of styles & sizes.
  • Bubble Lime: Los Angeles based Bubble Lime started in 2017 with a mission to produce enhanced workout clothes for women with a more thoughtful design at an affordable price.
  • IUGA: They’re one of the fastest emerging yoga outfit brands on Amazon. IUGA’s main inspiration is that yoga isn’t just about fitness. Rather, it’s a complete lifestyle affecting your spirituality & philosophy.
  • Healthyoga: This brand has also been in the business of manufacturing yoga clothes for 10 years. Healthyoga products are endorsed by yoga experts. Their attractive & stylish yoga pants are one of the best-sellers on Amazon.

10 Best Affordable Bootcut Yoga Pants for Women

Now without further ado, let’s jump to the top 10 cheap yoga pants for your daily yoga routine. 

Best bootcut yoga pants for women under $30 on Amazon

Best Under $30 Bootcut Yoga Pants in 2020

Product NameBrand NameUnique FeaturesBuy Now
High Waist Bootcut Yoga PantsIUGA– Thick enough to wear as dress pants for work
– 4 deep pockets on the front & back
Buy Now
Women’s Long Bootcut Yoga PantsZeronic– Excellent value for money
– Super stretchy to ease movement while doing intense yoga
– No pockets
Buy Now
Stretchy Bootcut Yoga PantsHISKYWIN– Stylish yoga pants with flared cuffs and streamlined design
– Two unique materials; with or without cotton 
– Two subtly hidden pockets
Buy Now
Tummy-Control Bootcut Yoga PantsBubbleLime– Multifunctional yoga pants can be used for yoga or as dress pants
– Two back side pockets
– Super comfortable material
Buy Now
Women’s Bootcut High Waist Yoga PantsHeathyoga– Super soft and breathable fabric
– Can be easily tailored at the hems
– A versatile one-in-all pair of yoga pants
Buy Now
High Waist Flared Bootcut Yoga PantsREETOYO– Best for beginner yoga and athletic wear
– Inner pockets in the waistline to keep your gear
– Ideal yoga pants for regular and casual use
Buy Now
Cotton Bootcut Yoga Pants with Inner PocketsNaviskin– Double-layered gusseted crotch
– Breathable cotton material
– Super stretchy fabric ideal for yoga and work
– Best for petite women
Buy Now
Tummy Control Yoga Capris Pants with PocketsDragon Fit– Bootcut style Yoga Capris that fall below the knees
– Breathable and soft fabric
– Loose like a skirt with flow
– Two deep side pockets
– Large size ideal for plus size women
Buy Now
Inseam Bootcut Yoga/Workout PantsHarsmile– A thick, breathable, and opaque material
– Best for intense yoga or exercises like squats or pilates 
– Excellent value for money
Buy Now
Women’s Plus-Size Bootcut Yoga PantsHOFIIdeal for plus-size women
Super stretchy and durable
Excellent ability to absorb sweat
Inner hidden pocket
Buy Now

1. High Waist Bootcut Yoga Pants by IUGA

Manufactured in the US, the High Waist Bootcut Yoga Pants are one of the most popular cheap fitness outfits for women for versatile use. If you want to buy cheap yoga pants that last long but aren’t heavy on the pocket, this is what you need!


IUGA High Waist Bootcut Yoga Pants are seamlessly tailored to fit your figure and sit flat on the belly without causing discomfort. You can even get it altered to your liking later if you get bored with the trendy bootcut design.

The main selling point of this product is its 4-pocket style. Being a woman, we know how necessary pockets are. IUGA Bootcut Yoga Pants have four pockets — two at the front and two at the back. They’re deep enough to carry essentials like a wallet, cell phone, etc.

The fabric is completely non-see-through & absorbs sweat easily. Primarily, it’s made of 75% polyester and quite durable. So even after wearing/washing it for months, these yoga pants will retain most of their original quality. 

You can choose from any of the seven unique sizes from XS to XXL, making them a must-have yoga pant for plus-size women. I’d recommend doing a brief search about the perfect size for your body before buying. 

I also love their muted color options — a feature that’s particularly useful for work-friendly affordable bootcut yoga pants for women.

Best choice for:

  • Women who want to wear comfy cheap yoga pants for work
  • Women who prefer yoga pants in muted colors with pockets


“I love them. Will buy a new pair soon. Even my boyfriend likes it too. Pockets make them perfect.Alicia

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I am a Dietary Aide who was looking for work yoga pants for years. FINALLY bought this AMAZING IUGA Bootcut Yoga pant!! If style, comfort and value for the money is important to you….look no further.” Mary

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I ordered a medium but they were too large so i suggest sizing down. Fine to use for yoga and errands but not for work.” Monique

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Learn More About IUGA Bootcut Yoga Pants

Here are the top trending cheap #yogapants 🧘 on Amazon for women in 2020. Get yours now! 🛒

2. Women’s Long Bootcut Yoga Pants by Zeronic

This is yet another exceptionally designed pair of affordable under $30 yoga pants for women on Amazon. If you want a versatile bootcut style yoga pant that offers flexibility and comfort, then Zeronic Women’s Long Bootcut Yoga Pants are ideal for you.


Made of 88% nylon and the rest spandex, this pair is super comfortable and one of the best cheap yoga pants for women.

The fabric is quite stretchy and durable and I’ve read no authentic reviews of wear and tear so far. Even if you wear it out in the sunlight or on a warm day, you won’t sweat thanks to the moisture-wicking material.

While doing yoga, flexibility is of utmost importance. Whether you have a beginner or an advanced yoga flow, their special tailoring technique enhances the stretchability of Zeronic Bootcut Yoga Pants.

In short, you can easily move around in these high-waist seamless pants that reduce the chances of muffin belly.

Unlike IUGA, these affordable yoga pants come in six sizes, from XS to XXL. Waist measurements differ for everyone, so please check the size chart before you order.

I’m particularly in awe of their cute color assortment. I have my eyes on the blue one — such a striking color!

Another thing you should know is that these work pants have no pockets. Yeah, it can be somewhat annoying if you wear them outdoors while doing chores.

So I’d buy Zeronic Bootcut Yoga Pants for one of those fitness routines when I’m not in the mood to get distracted by gadgets.

Best choice for:

  • Women who are looking for durability and value for money
  • Women who seek freedom of movement while doing yoga


“Love these pants! So soft, lightweight, and comfy to wear.  I suggest wearing nude color underwear with them otherwise you can see through it.” Chelsey

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“They fit okay except a few times when the waist turned over in the middle of doing yoga. I think its coz i got a size too big.” Mary

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“I ordered a medium size but it was too big for me. I think I would like it better if i got the right size. Getting a new one in small now.” Julie

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Learn More About Zeronic Bootcut Yoga Pants

3. Stretchy Bootcut Yoga Pants by HISKYWIN

Hiskywin Bootcut Yoga Pants are one of the top 10 best affordable yoga clothes offered on Amazon. The multifunctional design makes it an ideal choice for women who want to buy a new pair of affordable bootcut yoga pants for athletic or casual wear.


One of their major selling points is that you can buy these pants in two unique materials. If you opt for the Dark Grey, it’s made of 50% cotton, 36% polyester, and the rest is spandex. The other Hiskywin Bootcut Yoga Pants primarily contain 87% polyester.

So in my opinion, it depends how much flexibility you’re looking for in yoga pants. Consider the usage:

  • Do you want to buy new yoga pants only for daily workout sesh?
  • Do you prefer a product well-suited for casual wear as well?
  • What kind of climate do you generally have?
  • Do you usually wear yoga pants indoors or outdoors?

Depending on these factors, you can either choose the cotton-based or polyester-made version. 

The cotton yoga pants are far more durable and better at wicking away sweat during workouts than polyester. Although your experience might be different, I’ve noticed polyester sticks to the skin and gets too uncomfortable.

If you live in a region with hot temperatures and want exceptional value for money, I recommend choosing the cotton Hiskywin Bootcut Yoga Pants.

This outfit also contains two subtle side pockets, deep enough to carry bare essentials. The fabric is thick and opaque. Another unique selling point is the flared cuffs that make the yoga pants look stylish yet feel super comfy. 

Additionally, the 4-way stretch fabric gives them increased flexibility. You can use them for any kind of workout, however intense!

Best choice for:

  • Women who need an affordable stylish yoga pant with a streamlined look
  • Women who need more durable & breathable cotton bootcut yoga pants


“Really nice. Comes up a little above the waiste line. Not very high… exactlly what i needed for tummy control.” Courtney

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’ve found them super comfy. Excellent fitting, going just above my belly button. My body is hour glass shape so the waist is fine for me, but it could be tight if you have weight in midsection.” Toni

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“These under $30 yoga pants have elastic band sewn in the inner lining of the  waist that is not comfy at all. Also too long, had to hem them more than half inch.” Ida

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Learn More About Hiskywin Bootcut Yoga Pants

4. Tummy-Control Bootcut Yoga Pants By Bubblelime

Bubblelime’s High Waist Bootcut Yoga Pants are super comfortable, designed to ease muscular pain and cushion your waist and tummy without causing muffin belly. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to buy cheap bootcut yoga pants in 2020.


These pants are primarily made of nylon and spandex. The thoughtful crotch gusset tailoring ensures you don’t have to deal with embarrassing camel toe scenarios, no matter where you wear them. 

However, the main selling point is that you can choose from 4 trendy designs of Bubblelime Bootcut Yoga Pants to find what best fits your style. 

  • Basic Bootcut Yoga Pants
  • Bootleg Yoga Pants with Back Pockets
  • Yoga Pants with Straight Legs
  • Capri Yoga Pants with Three Pockets

The 4-way stretch fabric is not only stretchy and offers ease of movement during intense workouts, but has an exceptional moisture-wicking ability that keeps you dry throughout the routine.

I also like that they’ve included pockets hidden inside the waistline so you can carry cell phones, credit cards, or a few bucks safely without any discomfort.

One complaint that kept popping up is that the fabric, while comfy, is prone to wear and tear after a few uses. Although this usually happens when you buy the wrong size. 

Speaking of, also note that Bubblelime Bootcut Yoga Pants are available in only a few sizes, from XS to XL. If you’re plus-size, the XL might not be the ideal option. I’d advise you to check the waist measurement first.

On the other hand, they have a wide assortment of unique colors, making it a fit choice for women looking for multifunctional affordable bootcut yoga pants to wear as dress pants.

Best choice for:

  • Petite figured women looking for multifunctional yoga pants
  • Women looking for the best cheap bootcut yoga pants in muted colors


“I’ve found the material to be super comfortable. I’ve long legs and for me the length is perfect.The hem barely touches the floor when I wear my shoes.” Cheyenne

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Wow, they are so smooth, comfy and not-compressing. Goes along the entire leg length, which is great considering I’m 5’9. The material is thick enough to hide curves or bulges.” Jess

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“So comfortable that i even ordered more of them. But today when i came back from work after wearing them, i found that both backside pockets got unstitched. Whyyyy are they falling apart???” Kim

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Learn More About Bubblelime Bootcut Yoga Pants

5. Women’s Bootcut High Waist Yoga Pants by Heathyoga

If you’re looking for exceptionally high quality at a low price, there’s nothing better than Healthyoga Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants. Wear it anywhere and everywhere — you won’t be disappointed! 


What makes Healthyoga so special?

Well, for starters, Healthyoga is a popular name in the yoga outfits industry. They’ve quickly managed to climb up and beat several competitors thanks to their affordably priced & seamlessly crafted under $30 yoga pants for versatile use.

For most women, these bootcut yoga pants fit properly on every curve. The soft 4-way stretch fabric makes this outfit not only reliable and useful during intense workouts but also comfortable to wear for work, dates, and even casual wear. 

Also, the thick material is long-lasting. Even after multiple washes, there’s no damage to the fabric. In short, these affordable bootcut yoga pants will retain the original form.

You can put extra accessories like credit cards and earphones in the side pockets that hide the stuff well without causing discomfort while you work. 

They’re available in XS to XXL sizes. If you’re plus-size, Healthyoga Women’s Workout Pants will sit well on your tummy and keep it in shape. But be sure to check the waist measurement first. 

Best choice for:

  • Plus size women looking for cheap bootcut yoga pants with soft, breathable fabric
  • Women who are looking for one-in-all yoga pants pair


“The high waist does not roll down, even though I carry my weight in my belly area and have narrow hips. Stretchy, so the easily fit my galaxy s10, Highly recommend!” Annie

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Very comfortable and feels as soft as butter. They were a bit long so I hemmed at the ends.” Kayln

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great pants, specially find the pockets useful. I want to rate it fit true to size but for me they are SUPER long.” Tony

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Learn More About Healthyoga Bootcut Yoga Pants

6. High Waist Flared Bootcut Yoga Pants By REETOYO

This one’s a hidden gem in the wide collection of affordable yoga pants on Amazon. REETOYO Bootcut Flared Yoga Pants offer one-of-a-kind quality at a bargain price.


Are you looking for a multifunctional outfit for casual and athletic wear?

With 87% spandex as its primary material, the high-waist design, and the incredible moisture-wicking fabric, they’re one of the best cheap bootcut yoga pants for women in 2020.

The high waist design sits well on the tummy and keeps it in form. These under $30 yoga pants successfully highlight your body’s amazing curves without any risk of showing skin, thanks to the slightly thick fabric. 

Another selling point is its completely frictionless fabric. No chances of itchiness or rash even if you live in a warm region.

It’s also stretchy enough to suit your daily workouts and morning yoga routines. You’ll also find two inner pockets in the waistline to carry your regular essentials like cards, phone, and a few bucks. 

The only problem I noticed is that the sizes could be different from what you’d expect, especially if you’re tall and plus-size. My suggestion is to inquire about the fitting according to your height or buy one size bigger to ensure it sits below the ankles.

Best choice for:

  • Plus-size women who want high-waist affordable bootcut yoga pants for beginner yoga
  • Women who seek a low price yoga pants pair for regular use


“Amazingly comfortable, love the fitting… not too big or short. I have ordered 4 pairs. Worth buying…I’m satisfied with them!!” Vinton

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I ordered Medium in blue. Felt that the fabric was a bit heavier and fitting was loose at waist. Perfect thin material for wearing in summer!!!” Cece

Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Very nice quality, also can be used as dress pants. When they say “royal blue” they actually mean navy blue so don’t expect anything else. Wish they make more colors.” Cee

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Learn More About Reetoyo Bootcut Yoga Pants

7. Cotton Bootcut Yoga Pants with Inner Pocket by Naviskin

One of the most underrated 2020 workout outfits I’ve come across this year is Naviskin Cotton Bootcut Yoga Pants. The high waist, cotton fabric, and thoughtful crafting in all the right places make it a must-have product offering value for money.


Let’s start with the fabric. As I mentioned earlier, cotton is a far better choice for yoga pants compared to polyester for many reasons. Primarily, because it’s more breathable and durable. So you know you’re already getting your money’s worth!

Additionally, Naviskin Cotton Yoga Pants have excellent stretchability, giving you enough room to show off your curves and move around comfortably. 

Next comes the tailoring. They’ve taken the time to create a double-layer gusseted crotch that prevents the fabric from riding up or chafing. You won’t experience any embarrassing moments or discomfort in these super affordable bootcut yoga pants — even if you wear them outdoors for yoga or casual jogging!

The long length fits properly on each curve and gives your legs a slender look. It has one inner subtly hidden pocket to carry essential gear.

One thing you might want to note is that they only offer two colors — grey and black. These dim colors are perfect to wear Naviskin Bootcut Yoga Pants at work!

Best choice for:

  • Women looking for cheap cotton yoga pants with a thoughtful design
  • Women seeking stretchy under $30 yoga pants for outdoor workouts or casual wear


“Loving the comfort and fitting of these yoga pants. I found the material to be sturdy.” RNB

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“They are exactly what I expected. I wear them for workout or with a loose sweater for a casual stroll. Wish they had more colors to choose from.” Joanne

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Fuzz sticks to the cotton fabric easily so it appears unclean.” Chelsea

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Learn More About Naviskin Bootcut Yoga Pants

8. Tummy-Control Yoga Capris Pants with Pockets by Dragon Fit

Not interested in long bootcut style? Well then, the Dragon Fit Bootleg Yoga Capris are the perfect alternative for you! The comfy flare style crop pants are ideal for workouts and wearing to a nearby store. 


With 87% nylon and 13% spandex, this fabric blend offers superb stretchability and durability at a low price. The material is extra smooth and feels lightweight against the skin. You won’t sweat even if you wear them on a hot sunny day!

What’s most striking about these super affordable women’s yoga pants is the Split Design. They are pretty loose and breathable and look almost like a skirt. 5-inches above the knee, they’ve included flared slits to enhance the flowy style. 

Another feature I liked about them is the high-waist design. So even if you wear it outdoors with a crop top, you can rest assured the fabric would control the tummy and not cause muffin belly. 

The fashionable Dragon Fit Bootcut Yoga Capris Pants go well with just about any t-shirt and can be worn for jogging, cycling, and any kind of intense workouts. 

You’ll find two conveniently placed side pockets to carry cards, wallets, and other essential gear when you go out. They are deep enough to fit a 5.6” phone easily. Although they’re available in muted colors, you can select from S to XXL sizes.

Best choice for:

  • Women who need cheap Bootcut Yoga Capris instead of long bootcut yoga pants
  • Plus-size woman looking for a loose skirt-like design yoga pants


“I love them!!! Super comfy to wear and cute. The fabric quality is pretty good, very stretchy. I’d reccommend for daily physical exercise or for casual wear.” Jorge 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“These capris leggings are love! Wish I bought one size up, this one feels a bit tight but this just motivates me to lose the 10 lbs I’ve been aiming for.” Berkley

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I got a medium size which fits my waste but on the hips it feels a bit tight. If you have big hips, order large size.” Debra

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Learn More About Dragon Fit Bootcut Yoga Pants

9. Inseam Bootcut Yoga/Workout Pants by Harsmile

If you’re looking for yoga clothes made from a soft yet strong and durable fabric, I’d recommend Harsmile Bootcut Yoga Pants on Amazon! Read on to learn why it’s one of my top 10 under $30 yoga pants for women.

P.S: They’re in limited stock! Grab your pair soon. 


For me, soft breathable fabric is everything! As I mentioned earlier, I live in a particularly hot region, wearing yoga pants made of thick material with friction often causes rash and chafing. 

It sucks!

So, when I came across Harsmile Bootcut Yoga Pants, the non-see-through fabric, amazing stretchability, and the multifunctionality caught my eye. You would find them extremely relaxing and comfy. The material may be thick but it’s still quite breathable. 

These super affordable bootcut yoga pants have a pretty streamlined design that sits well on your curves and controls your belly spills. You won’t have to worry about ripping the pants even during intense workouts like squats, thanks to its durability.

Make the most of the two front pockets to carry wallets, cards, earphones, and other essential tidbits.

This pair is only available in black color right now. You can choose from S to XXL sizes, per your waist measurement.

Best choice for:

  • Women looking for yoga pants with a thick, non-see-through yet breathable fabric
  • Women seeking cheap bootcut yoga pants for intense workouts


“It is one of the most comfy versatile pants! Love to wear them as dress slacks align with heels.” Dawn

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’m 5’5 and i ordered a large size. They are stylish and look really nice. Found it easy to move in them.” Pony

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Not a fan of their pockets. They are just to deep, felt weird.” Kristen

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Learn More About Harsmile Bootcut Yoga Pants

10. Women’s Plus-Size Bootcut Yoga Pants by HOFI

Besides offering a flare bootcut style and enhanced tailoring at a low price, HOFI Women’s Plus Size Yoga Pants helps you stay comfy, cozy, and dry while doing your daily yoga and workouts. These are one of the finest quality yoga pants for plus-size women. Let’s check out why. 


HOFI Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants are the perfect blend of spandex and polyester, giving it enough stretch and flexibility for easy or intense workouts. The fitting is remarkable — doesn’t feel too tight nor too thin so you don’t have to worry about ripped yoga pants after a few uses.

The waistband is high and stretches well while keeping your tummy flat. No chance of muffin top with these under $30 yoga pants on Amazon!

Another striking feature is its ultra-soft fabric that wicks away moisture during workouts or even a casual stroll. The frictionless material won’t feel rough against your skin or cause chafing. Plus, spandex increases breathability in HOFI Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants helping you stay dry.

There’s also a convenient inner pocket inside the waistband to store your necessary tidbits while going out.

You can choose from several sizes, from XS to XXL. However, keeping in mind the unique stretchability and vitality of their material, I’d highly recommend HOFI Bootcut Yoga Pants for plus-size women. 

But as a precaution, do check their measurements before ordering. 

The color choices are limited and might not suit those who’re looking for vibrant shades.

Best choice for:

  • Plus-size women seeking stretchy and durable cheap bootcut yoga pants
  • Women who’re looking for a soft fabric with excellent moisture absorption


“Omg i’m amazed! These yoga pants have fit me so well! They are a tad long but still, covered up my bumps from previous pregnancies.” Lian

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I needed them to be monogrammed. Superb, quality…pretty much likee lulu lemon. Love em so much even my monogram lady said she wanted the link to get some of these yoga pants for her biz.” Sherry

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I am 5’4″, 115 lbs. so the fitting isn’t good for me at all. I’ve a light figure . . If you’re toned and muscly, it’s good for you.” Susy

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Learn More About Hofi Bootcut Yoga Pants

So what do you think about this in-depth list of the best affordable bootcut yoga pants trending on Amazon right now? 

Have you tried any of these? How has your experience been?

Which of these cheap bootcut yoga pants will you buy next? 

Let me know in the comments below.


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